Spousal Support Reduced by More Than 75%

A husband agreed to pay to his ex-wife 50% of his income as spousal support. Average payments of $2,500 per month over the course of 5 years after the divorce were draining him financially. Husband wanted to modify and reduce the support payments. Other lawyers deemed his case a lost cause and did not think that the reduction was possible. 

Spousal support modified to a fixed amount of $500 per month.

Father Attempts to Take Away Child Custody From Mother

A father obtained emergency custody orders claiming that mother, as a Mexican national, may flee the country with the child and removed the child from mother with the police present. 

Mother’s custody rights fully restored and father was sanctioned and ordered to pay mother’s attorney’s fees incurred in the case.

Decedent’s Caregiver Attempts to Probate a Forged Will

A caregiver of my client’s father submitted to probate a will leaving entire estate to herself, appointed herself as a personal representative of the estate, and took ownership of the decedent’s condo. Through use of two handwriting experts, my client proved that his father’s purported signature on the will was a forgery. 

Forged will invalidated.

Probate of a Will and Quiet Title Civil Suit

A decedent left a will omitting one of four daughters as a beneficiary. The omitted daughter attempted to get a share of the estate. My client as the representative of the estate and a beneficiary defeated her claim at trial even though she was represented by a probate law specialist attorney with over 30 years of experience. Then, another daughter forged signature of my client on a deed and sold a house of which my client was the sole beneficiary. I filed a quiet title suit in civil court, invalidated the forged deed and restored my client’s full ownership. 

A will contest and a civil quiet title action resolved in my client’s favor.

Complex Business Litigation and Criminal Restitution Order Settled

A multimillion dollar company represented by two large law firms sued a mom and pop business for misappropriation of trade secrets, trade dress infringement and intentional interference with business relations arising out of a related criminal prosecution. The client put up rigorous defense and a counterclaim for defamation and tortious interference with business relationships. A favorable settlement of both civil and criminal cases allowed client to resolve both the civil case and to wipe out the criminal restitution order of over $200,000. 

Achieved a favorable settlement of business dispute litigation and criminal restitution order.

An Employee of a Major Hotel Chain Vindicated in a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

An employee of a major national hotel chain sued her former employer for wrongful termination and employment discrimination in federal court. After highly contested litigation with numerous depositions on both sides, the case settled providing my client compensation for two years of employment. 

A wrongfully terminated employee received payment of two years’ worth of her wages.

Trucking Accident

A self-employed individual was injured, suffered damages to his vehicle, and lost income after he was sideswiped by a semi-truck that belonged to a major national transportation company. A lawsuit for negligence resulted in a favorable settlement that fully compensated client for his medical bills, pain and suffering, vehicle repair costs, and lost income from his business. 

Case settled with client receiving compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of income, and repairs.

Husband and Wife Receive Fair Compensation for Personal Injuries

Husband and wife were injured when a driver who failed to yield the right of way collided into their vehicle. After rigorous negotiation of the claims with insurance companies and medical providers, the case settled with the payout to clients compensating them for reduced medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of income, total loss of a vehicle, and receiving extra compensation from the clients’ own insurance carrier. 

Personal injury case settled with clients receiving adequate compensation.

Quiet Title Suit – Adverse Possession of Real Estate

A real estate buyer acquired commercial property from a personal representative of a probate estate. After many years of occupying the property, the client attempted to sell the property but was unable to when a break in the chain of title was discovered. By then, the personal representative who sold the property to the client also deceased. A lawsuit to quiet title based on adverse possession under the color of title was filed. 

All title defects resolved.

Partition of Joint Tenancy

A boyfriend sued his former girlfriend in a quiet title dispute seeking removal of my client’s name from the joint tenancy deed to a condominium. The girlfriend did not contribute any funds to the purchase of the property and the boyfriend claimed that she was not entitled to any amount of equity. My client countersued the boyfriend for partition of the joint tenancy seeking an equal share of equity. 

The girlfriend received 50% of equity.

Outside General Counsel Services

A medical company providing anesthesia services needed representation in a breach of contract dispute with a former partner. Following conclusion of the civil litigation, the company hired me to provide general counsel services including, but not limited to, drafting employment and independent contractor agreements, handling post-termination of employment matters, non-compete disputes, and general corporate matters. 

Initial engagement as litigation counsel expanded to full scope representation on all corporate matters.

From Divorce Counsel to Corporate Advisor

A wife, who needed my representation in a complex divorce case that involved division of a family owned contractor business, was awarded the business as part of her share of community property. The client continued to use my services post-divorce with respect to all aspects of the business, including corporate management and disputes with customers and suppliers. 

Successful representation of a client in a divorce led to continued representation on client’s business matters.

Administration of a Living Trust

A trustee of a living trust with assets exceeding $4.5 million needed assistance with administration of the trust and ultimate distribution of assets to the beneficiaries. I assisted client with asset management, corporate governance of a corporation that was part of the trust assets, and various real estate conveyances. Following the distribution of assets of the trust, the client continues to use my services with respect to his real estate and business holdings that he inherited. 

Successful administration of the trust evolved in continued engagement for business and real estate needs of the client.

Father Obtains Equal Custody and Possession of His Children

A father sought modification of child support after a drop of income due to disability. He also requested modification of child custody and possession to increase the time spent with his sons. Father sought equal parenting time with the children after having the children every other weekend for 8 years. Mother, represented by a family law specialist, aggressively opposed both requests. 

Father received equal custody and possession of the children; child support reduced to $0.