Roman is very knowledgeable, helpful with many aspects such as business and divorce. He gets to the point quickly. I highly recommend Roman.

-Business Client

Worked with firm on few occasions. Great advice always helpful. Roman was super nice and diligent. Highly recommended.

-Business Litigation Client
Mr. Kostenko was informational and was prepared for trial. I would highly recommend him to people with issues involving family court.
-Child Custody Client

Roman Kostenko was hired as an attorney in a fairly complicated combination of civil and criminal case.
His knowledge, his experience, his cold mind, professional attitude, hard work done on time and step by step on all legal procedures, his fierce speech in front of judge made impossible and improbable things happened! We got the kind of settlement that we consider a big victory in this case.  Don't think twice if you need a knowledgeable, intelligent, convincing, courteous but still aggressive lawyer.

-Civil Litigation Client
Roman Kostenko handled a probate matter. My father's will was being contested and I was being accused of financial exploitation and undue influence. Roman was very aggressive, thorough and knowledgeable. He presented the facts with confidence, knew exactly what to do to get the job done. He thought of me as a client when it came to cost. I am pleased with the outcome and thankful for his assistance. I would recommend Roman Kostenko to anyone seeking a very effective attorney.
-Probate Client
What we like most about Roman is that he is accessible and talks to you with understanding and empathy. You do not have to go through assistants and staff to get to him. He offers a complimentary consult over the phone to understand your situation and determine if he can help you and if so, HOW he plans to assist you. He's reassuring and patient when your emotions run high and you need further explanations. He's not pushy and his fees are reasonable. We've already referred people to him with confidence. If you need help have been advised to get legal representation, Roman Kostenko is a very wise choice for at least getting a professional and honest opinion. So far, we have been very pleased with his work.
-Real Estate Client
Roman was very generous with his time, and his rates are quite reasonable. He handled my needs with professionalism and complete competence. I am very happy with his service.
-William, a Real Estate Client